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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Alwin, Oct 18, 2006.

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    In the Live pro version 4.0??? (the exe file wich was obtained from Glen @ the pug meeting in Zaandam I've seen some strange behaviour. Maybe you've discovered these issues already, but to be sure I post them anyway. I also added some of my whishlist points :)

    Legend: NTH= nice to have, PBR= Possible bug report

    1) NTH When quitting LivePro no confimation is asked when workspace hasn't been changed
    2) PBR It is not possible to ad a new animation to a cue by right clicking on cue -> new ->new animation
    3) PBR When you only delete a frame from an existing animation in the animation editor, without editing the individual frames, and exit the editor, the resulting animation is not changed at all.
    4) NTH It would be nice to import a single frame from a frame file which has more than one frame in it, by drag'n' dropping it from frame browser to an cue.
    5) NTH When having my midicontrols at center position they send the value 40hex, however this is interpreted as +6% by e.g. the rotationspeed controls. I would appreciate it if an calibration offset can be entered somewere (an .ini would be nice)
    6) PBR When having my pitchbend wheel to control a sider it sets the slider to its minimum value when the pitchbend wheel is at center position. The control should be also be set the center position.
    7) PBR Typo in Menu->commands->"Reste track 3" , should be " Reset track 3" of course.
    8) NTH Invoking the scanzones and scanner settings dialogs (as seen in LD2000) from LivePro menu would be really helpfull!!
    9) NTH Choosing output priority between laser preview window and QM laser output would be nice.
    10) NTH By having e.g. an horizontal line as frame and adding rotation over y axis with the live controls can be dangerous when doing audience scanning. since a 90 deg angle would place all framepoints at the center. Please make a statement of it somewhere.
    11) NTH Adding Reset track 1... Reset Track 4 as special midi keys would be helpfull.. (I know this can alsobe done with computer keyboard numpad keys or by making cue's with only commands)
    12) NTH In the animation editor, the point density can only be set to a minimum of 50%, this is even too much when drawing some frames. (e.g a circle with only 12 points....)
    13)PBR Typo in the Cue control tab-> Others->Midi Note it states "Defalt" , should be "Default"
    14) NTH please display the name of the workspace file in the windows title bar of LivePro
    15) PBR the animation of cue number B10 (or "p" if you like) from the pLAYTIME2007/LIVE1 is not running on the beat of the timer, while "next on beat" has been seleceted in Cue control tab -> Image -> Animation. I've compared animation settings with cue number C10 (or ";") of the same page, and I could not discover differences. When I look in the animation editor for cue B10 it has four frames in, and the cue preview (hovering above cue) does also run the animation, but not in the track monitor, nor in preview.
    16) PBR having to add a space befor the cue name in order to have it correctly displayed in the cue's tab, shouldn't be needed.

    Again.. I know that Livepro is continuously updated, and that you probably have found some bugs I've reported. But just in case you've overlooked some of them I've posted them here.

    Best regards,
    Keep on the good work!
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    Hi Alwin,

    Great list. We discovered many of these ourselves and are working on them as we speak (er, write). Certain things you reported as wishes could already be done, and I hope Glenn or Hugo can comment on them.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the version of LivePRO that you received at the Pangolin User Meeting is a pre-release version. You only received it because you walked up to Glenn and had a thumb drive handy... There are a few things about that version which are still in development. I can say the same thing about the workspace
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    Hi All

    Here are some more questions on livepro 4.00/4.10a(see below)

    1) When I update LP using file LivePRO_Update_410a.EXE from the pangolin update page the Help/About dialog stil displays "version 4.00 build 1848". Do I have the incorrect file or version?

    2) I've found the problem causing the issue 15 reported my previous post. What happens is that the number of frame repeats you specify for an cue animation in Beat INACTIVE mode (which is has been set to "refresh based") is being remembered by LP when you afterwards change the beat INACTIVE mode to time-based. When changing to time-based, the edit field for frame-repeats dissapears but is still effective during BEAT ACTIVE.

    The reason why the animation of B10 was not running on each beat when the timer was enabeled was that it needed 34 beats (timer ticks) before the next frame of the animation was picked.

    If this is a feature, please don't hide the frame-repeats editbox when it is still effective for beat active.

    3) I've hooked up a midi keyboard for selecting the cues. The cue-to-cue transitions are working fine
    when using a mouse (or touchscreen) for selecting cues but when I use the midi keyboard, the cue-to-cue transitions are not working at all. Is this reproducable?

    Best regards,