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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by milletat, Feb 25, 2004.

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    Is it possible to get some more special keys to control LivePro?

    I thing it will be very helpfull if it will be possible to have special keys(i meen the special keys witch are found in the MIDI-SETTINGS) for:

    RESET Track1,Track2,Track3,Track4,
    RESET ColorEffect, KeyEffect,Effect,
    RESET ImageTime,EffectTime,KeyEffectTime,
    ColorCycleTime and MasterTime

    So it will be easy and very helpfull to work with LivePro and controlled by midi.
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    Livepro has a few ways to control functions from MIDI. As you know there are special keys in MIDI settings, this controls the main functionality of Livepro. If you want to control ANYTHING else, you use a cue with commands. You simply click on an empty cue, goto the commands list in cue tab, check the command you wish, then goto the others tab, then select the MIDI tab, now you have three options, global, global dont change page and local. Heres what each mean:

    global - this means that no matter what page you are on, that MIDI note will run that cue, but when you hit that MIDI note, Livepro will change the page to where that cue is, therefore:

    global dont change page - this checked will not allow Livepro to change the page when you hit the MIDI note, but the cues function will run.

    Local - this means that, that MIDI note will control only that cue on that page, so you can have the same MIDI note assigned to a cue on every page that has a different function.

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    i will try it as soon as possible and report here.