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    Hi folks.

    I was originally a Firetext user and came to Pangolin when Firetext went...well, wherever they went...(think that's another post, don't you?...;)

    Anyway, for the last couple of years that I've been using IMU, I've been using an HSUPA USB Modem MF637. It has worked fine for me with no problems whatsoever. However, 3 weeks ago, my USB modem stopped being recognised by my computer for some reason and having checked the forums here I have today received a new E182e dongle and I also bought a new SIM card for it which I have activated.

    When I put the dongle into my laptop, I can connect to the net using the partner software on the stick itself, but when I open IMU, I get nothing. The stick connects and registers but no text messages are received. I have tried this on two different computers, one running windows 7 and the other windows 10 but getting the same problem. I cannot find much in the help file although I'll keep looking. I have now uninstalled both my modem and IMU and have re-downloaded another version of the software and currently waiting on the activation key.

    I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing in the settings, but I've been doing this all day and it's getting a little bit tedious now. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Has the software changed? Am I using the wrong hardware?

    Anyone...please...suggest something...:|


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    Hmmm. Strange. First, when you put the new modem in there, it is likely that you need to first delete the old one from IMU. You click on the VIEW menu, then CONNECTIONS. Then right-click the existing modem connection and say "Delete" (or remove or whatever similar option). After that, click on the top left menu (Communication I think) and say "Communication setup wizard", then go through the steps.

    Note that -- when you start the IMU software, THE PARTNER SOFTWARE MUST BE RUNNING!!!! Don't exit the partner software then start IMU, or IMU won't be able to connect with the modem. So you start the partner software (usually automatically started when you insert the modem), then start IMU. You will notice that IMU itself will terminate the partner software, but it does it in such a way as to leave the modem open, and so IMU will be able to communicate.

    IMU is great software, on the market for 15 years! (hard to believe). But the peak of the wave for SMS text messaging passed around 8 years ago.

    When we first started with IMU, we were charging $5000 a seat for it, and it was used by people like MTV, Verizon, FOX, etc. As time went on, number of users increased, but sophistication of the users decreased (started with TV networks, then went to DJs...). Now IMU is offered literally for free, but support is only offered on this forum.

    Best regards,

    William Benner