Stuttering Problem Again.

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by LaserJ, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. LaserJ

    LaserJ Member

    I have had this stuttering problem in Live Pro a few times, but always been able to fix it.
    Most of my installs have gone just fine..

    However I just installed on a dual core T7250, dell vostro 1710 and whatever I do I cannot get
    the stuttering to stop in Live Pro.

    OS is xp sp3, latest updates, latest version of Live Pro.

    Any thoughts?
    Live pro is the only programming running.
    All other network connections are disabled.
    5 cards all running in .net boxes, ping times under .5 ms
    I have also tried disabling a core with no luck..

    Cheers, J
  2. LaserJ

    LaserJ Member

    I just tried a fresh install on another identical dell vostro 1710 and the same problem
    happens. I also noticed that the abstract generator in LD also has some stuttering issues...
    So lead me to believe it is not Live Pro that is the problem..

    Thinking it may be a dell specific driver that is causing the problem....
  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    The Abstract Generator in LD most certainly uses exclusively the QM2000 for calculations, so the abstract generator itself will not "stutter" per se. What MIGHT stutter is graphical output on the preview window, and this may, indirectly, cause the laser output itself to "stutter" depending on a large number of factors.

    What you can do is disable the preview window in the abstract generator of LD and that will probably solve the problem. And this will give you a clue...

    If the preview output is causing it to "stutter", then it could indicate that you have (for some reason) a "slow" graphic card in the PC. This is unlikely with today's PCs... so it could also indicate that there is some kind of background task going on which periodically takes CPU time and disturbs the operation of the preview. As one example, I had a Cannon bubblejet printer once, and the driver would periodically completely stop all operateion in the PC if I didn't have the printer connected. This was very annoying...

    Of course no discussion of this is complete without asking if you are on a network or not. If you are on a network (using QM2000.NET), then the discussion gets more complex, because we would need to take a look at things like Firewalls, Network drivers, etc.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  4. LVR

    LVR Member

    Dear Collegues,

    I have similar problem with LivePro and QM.NET on one of my notebook (ASUS A8S, Centrino Duo, Ati Radeon HD2400).

    All stutter - the preview, the output (also without preview), and small picture boxes in workspace also.

    QM.NET connected directly to Notebook no firewall, antivirus and other programs.

    the ST2000 working fine
  5. LaserJ

    LaserJ Member

    Maybe this thread should be moved to networking.

    The network at that time was a closed network of just a laptop and .net boxes.

    Well after a little hint, I thought it might be a specific driver, or problem with the network card
    in the Dell Vostro 1710.

    Went to the local computer store and picked up a usb to network adaptor and this solved all
    my problems. Curious to see what kinda network card is in the asus a8 compared to the vostro 1710..

    Will have to look into that.

  6. LaserJ

    LaserJ Member

    Well we now have a Dell 1720 and it has the same network stuttering problem with the
    abstract generator and Live Pro.

    These Dell's have
    Broadcom Corperation - Dell Wireless 1510 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card
    Driver Version

    Anyone have any suggestion as to if this is a Pangolin Problem, Dell, Broadcom problem?

  7. LaserJ

    LaserJ Member

    Card is Relatek RTL8168D PCI-E Gigabite Ethernet
    driver 5.714.122.2009
  8. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    One client (Kevin in UK) showed me a problem recently with his Mac Book Pro. When he runs LivePRO on this computer with the QM2000.NET, he sees some strange stuttering like you are talking about. He found that if he goes into Task Manager, right-clicks on the LivePRO process, and then sets the "Affinity" to work with only one processor, the problem is solved. I wonder if you are having a network problem or dual-processor problem?

    We are taking a look at this and will be working with Kevin to see if we can come up with a solution. We have some ideas of what to do with this...

  9. sbk

    sbk Beta Tester

    Hi all,

    This is my first post and I hope it will help to resolve this stuttering problem :eek:

    I have LivePro (for FB3) since a few days, running on a not so old laptop (Dell Inspiron 9200, Pentium M @1.6GHz, on Windows XP SP2).
    I noticed the laser preview was not smooth at all (with a slowdown every second or so), and also it was impossible to make a correct timer beat with the tap option.
    A strange thing I noticed too is that when I extended the laser preview over the entire size of the screen, the slowdown stopped! With this I had a CPU usage of 100%.

    This made me thinking about a problem related to the CPU management, Intel Speedstep or any other. So I tryed to change the Windows Power Management to ALWAYS ON (by default it is set to Portable/Laptop).
    And this one fully solved all the problems I had with LivePro!!

    In fact, all the Windows power scheme are adaptive, except Home/Office Desktop and Always On, that's why the stutter was occuring. So these two not-adaptive modes should work, at least when using AC power.
    If you plan to use LivePro for a little time on DC power, only the Always On mode will give you stutter-free output.

    And Pangolin, maybe you can program an option in LivePro to force an Always On-like mode when the software is running (as the video player softwares are doing so that the screen doesn't enter the sleep mode...).

    Hope this helps
  10. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    I believe the problems experienced with LivePRO will be corrected with 5.0.

    Some people simply change what's called the "affinity" of the processor and this will remove stuttering in LivePRO. Others, like Sebastien figured out how to turn the processor "always on" to solve this.

    This problem only affects certain people with certain processors. We have the solution and have been sending interim versions of LivePRO to those who have asked.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  11. jsk

    jsk Active Member

    I'll ask a strange question.
    What is the meaning of 'shutter'. For french Google traduction gives OBTURATEUR
    is it the shutter that is the öne"which could be the reason why on LD2000 with a give me always on (maybe more powerfull) an extra line which have to be blancked ? The is new, the same laser, scanner, connected wires ttl...all the same with FB3 XE no extra line ? is it his job ? where the problem could come from ?
    (sorry for my english and knowledge of laser talks)

  12. Nay

    Nay Member


    I have the same problems with LivePro 5.10 and wifi N connection. When i run 1 cue... its OK, but when i run 2 CUE's... the laser output its very slow and shutter.

    Showtime works perfect!!! and LD Designer too...

    I configure all power management like others and configured the affinity processor, but dosent work...

    I installed the Network fix from Pangolin and dont see any change....

    Any ideas? Any update for LivePro? i need to run a QM2000 net with a Pro board and a Qm2000 basic board on my desktop over Wifi N 5Ghz

    Thanks a lot and sorry with my english.. i'm spanish
  13. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    This might be an issue where the preview window is using too many resources on your computer when the Enhanced Reality option is turned on under the preview window options. Try turing Enhanced Reality Preview off or turning the preview window off.
  14. Nay

    Nay Member


    Thanks for your answer, but i try all configuration and dosen't improve...

    Why when i use all with ethernet cable, runs ok? and with wifi no? it's a big mistake...

    The wifi works on 250mbits when ethernet works on 100mbits...

    Thanks, i need help to repair it, because using wifi connections i can run shows in a few minutes...

    Best regards

  15. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Just so I am clear, how are you running the .NET box over WiFi? Is your desktop computer with the Basic card have a wireless network card in it? Or do you have the .NET box connected to a wireless device?

    While running over WiFi is possible, we strongly suggest not using wireless
    connectivity to control lasers, no matter what hardware or software you are
    using, mainly for safety reasons. When you remove the wired connection to
    any device, you lose most of your direct control of the device; if something
    goes wrong you could potentially have a laser projector that becomes out of
    control which could then cause uncontrolled laser beams to go into your
    audience. If for some reason your wireless network went down you have lost
    anyway to stop the uncontrolled laser projector. This is a worst case
    scenario but a very possible situation when trying to control lasers over a
    wireless connection.

    That being said, I still think part of the issue might be the Enhanced Reality preview being turned on as I have experienced this myself while trying to reproduce an issue for a client. I would try to use LivePro, with both QM2000s, the one installed in your computer, and the other one in the .NET box, with the .NET box hooked directly to your computer with an ethernet cable and turn the Enhanced Reality preview off to see if that provides any improvement.
  16. Nay

    Nay Member

    Hello again!

    I use .net with Pro board connected on my laptop. I use a Basic board in a desktop PC with Windows XP. I connect the desktop pc near lasers to reduce ILDA cable lenght... In this PC i connect a Wifi 5Ghz Access Point via ethernet. In the other side, i use the laptop where i use LivePro. This laptop is connected to gogabit switch, .net is connected too this switch and i connect other Wifi 5Ghz to this switch.

    I use 5Ghz Wifi because es the best quality... i used it a few days in a football stadium with 15.000 peoples and all perfect...

    I'm going to install a virtual machine in my laptop, with Windows XP and only use 1 CPU... to make tests... but i don't understand why in Windows 7 with 2 CPU (4 cores) i have this problems...

    Thanks a lot... do you know if Pangolin are going to update LivePro?

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  17. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I see you have version 5.1, but what build of 5.1 are you using?
  18. Nay

    Nay Member


    I downloaded on February the last Luve Pro update... i think i'm using build 2012, why?

    Thanks again

  19. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    That is the latest build of LivePro; I am not sure when there will be another update.
  20. Cyberb0b

    Cyberb0b Well-Known Member

    Hi J,

    I see this laptop comes by default with Windows Vista ultimate.
    Did you install a clean Windows XP or did you downgrade to windows XP?

    The reason why i ask is this, most hardware is designed for the OS that comes with the hardware. I already had a few issues in the past concerning this topic. In my case the network issues where caused by the driver. In this case the XP driver was not optimized, this issue i could not fix. And the manufacturer stated; just install the original OS.

    I hope its not the case here, but thats why i ask this question.