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    Hi All,

    We've been using the Essential Visuals now for a few weeks, and wondered how everyone else was handling the subscription service.
    We initially thought that the only way to go was to give the users the option to subscribe to our mailing list, and even offered an incentive of a monthly prize draw for subscribers.
    While we were getting loads of people texting to the system, none were subscribing to the service.
    Last weekend we started a new database, and are informing users that they can opt out of receiving text messages from us in the future by texting STOP. Our first bulk message went out earlier today to everyone who hasn't unsubscribed, and so far there have been no problems.
    We'd be interested to see what everyone else's views on this are, and what levels of success you've had with the subscription service.

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    Hi Gareth,

    It is certainly very wise to have people positively acknowledge their agreement to receive text messages before you start sending them. In some geographic territories this is absolutely required by law! As I understand it, at least one country requires the recipient of messages agree in writing!

    In the distant past, some club owners would put what amounted to "signs" or "banners" informing the users that if they send a text message to the system (i.e. text to the screen or text while voting, or even send a message to the DJ for a song request), their phone number would be captured into the database, and from that point forward they would automatically receive promotional messages -- that is, until they took actions to stop those messages (such as sending "STOP" or "UNSUBSCRIBE"). However, this practice has fallen from favor, even in countries and territories that do not have strict anti-texting laws.

    We strongly recommend that you learn the laws, rules, and regulations that may be applicable in your area and strictly abide by those laws. In the USA, new laws came into effect in late 2013 and you can read about it on the PangolinSMS web site.

    In fact, it is a condition of our Software License Agreement that you abide by all applicable laws and rules!

    Best regards,

    William Benner

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