Suggested processors/motherboards for livepro box

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by luminavp, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. luminavp

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    We are about to purchase a new motherboard/cpu/ram etc for a dedicated livepro controller.

    Are there any suggestions from users and/or pangolin as to a known rock solid cpu/mb/chipset /qm2k combination ? We are thinking of using a celeron 2.8ghz and a gigabyte all in one board (can't recall what chipset)...
    what do you guys use ? results ?


  2. Pangolin

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    We have not had any complaints from our users, regardless of the motherboard and chipset combination. However I would use a real Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading rather than Celeron.

  3. GlennT

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    yes, really as long as its a fast processor, youll be happy. But a true pentium is always more rock solid than any other..

  4. luminavp

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    we ended up going with a p4 2.8 prescott, and the 865 chipset...

    only cost another 60 or so dollars.... and its all in a nice 2ru rack case.

    thanks guys :)