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    Hi Folks,

    Quite often, users will write to us about their experiences with our products. Most of the time we keep these kind words in a folder so that we can use them in promotional materials. But it seems that this forum is also a good place to post these testimonials as well. Below you will find some of comments that I received in emails regarding LivePRO.


    As hard as it was, looking back after using LivePro for a year I just cant see how we did decent lasershows without it! Well I can only guess it seems that way because I'm so used to it. Every show we do, we amaze people with its revolutionary ability to generate layers of effects with colors and beams and, and, and, the list goes on. But this is not just a beamshow controller, its equally as impressive as a visuals creator, layering backgrounds with foregrounds with cool content in between, all
    masked and layered to create a virtual laser 3D realm synchronised to the beat. Then if that

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