The qm2000 card is not recognized by the desktop

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    Yesterday, I was drawing with LD2000 software on my desktop computer. Suddenly, it popped up an error prompt. At this time, the software couldn't be opened. I tried to uninstall the software and reinstall it. Even if I reinstalled my win10 x 64 system, it still didn't work, and the driver of this qm2000 card couldn't be installed. However, I forcibly used the pangolin driver, which would cause the system blue screen. I also tried to unplug the qm2000 card from the PCI slot of my computer and insert it again, but it still didn't work.
    Later, I inserted the qm2000 card into the network conversion box and found that it could be used normally
    Who can explain what to do?

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    Hi, Jujun!
    For a more prompt solution to your question, please send it to support [at] pangolin [dot] com