Timeline Shows & Projector zones

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    I create my shows on the timeline and as I add content I have set each channel of the timeline to display on a different projector (I have 3 main projectors). It all works out well as when you play the show back it utilizes all 3 projectors. Now I want to save that show as a cue- easy drag and drop. Unfortunately this nulls all projector assignments and the show is output on a single projector. Is there a way to save a show from the timeline as a cue but maintain the projector assignments?
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    In timeline menu go to file - save show, and save it.
    In grid right click on a cue and open the show.
    Right click on that cue - cue properties - destination, make sure that no zone is selected and that the prevent rerouting is untick.

    I maybe wrong. I thought it is Beyond you were asking about.
    But I leave it here may be it is the same in QS.
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