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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by robinflow, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. robinflow

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    Hi! I just started to use LivePro, and experimenting with the audio input finction, which all seems to be working fine after a few hours of messing around. But now the Performer stopped working giving the error message: "Timer Not Implemented" on it's LCD screen. Whatever I do in the computer is showed on the Performer, but the buttons on Performer are not working at all. How can I fix this? I couldn't find any reference in LivePro help file. Also, is there a help for Performer, 'cause I don't have it and it would be useful. Can I download it from anywhere? Thanks for all help,
  2. Chris Priest

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    Hi Robinflow,

    You will get that using the Performer Console with LivePRO, not all of the buttons on the Performer console work with LivePRO, I suspect this is something Bill and the guys will address with future updates.

    You will find that the timer/mic buttons on the Performer console will work with Live! but not LivePRO! at this time.

    Having said that, the Performer console works very well with LivePRO! I use it all the time, makes it so much easier.

    Might I suggest getting a MIDI controller as well, something like the Peavey 1600X (Which I use) you can then tie this in with LivePRO and it gives you so much more control rather than messing about dragging sliders with the mouse.

    It really makes for a superb solution.

    Hope this is of help :)

  3. Pangolin

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    Hi Robinflow,

    Lasermatrix is correct. Not all of the buttons on Lasershow Performer console are used with LivePRO. When you press a button that is not used, you will get a message that this function is not implemented. The fact that you pressed a button that has an "on-off" type action, and not a "momentary" action will explain why you constantly saw the message.

    In your case, since you were new to Lasershow Performer, and since you were experimenting around with it, sort of pressing buttons "at random", it is clear that you stumbled across this button that did not have any function in LivePRO, but since you did not know exactly what it was that you pressed, or why it is that this message was seen, you sort of ignored the fact that if you had only pressed the timer button again (to turn it off), then the Lasershow Performer display would return to a more normal view.

    In any event, as you can see, your experience is completely explainable, although it was mysterious to you at the time. I do hope that the remaining functions of Lasershow Performer and LivePRO are satisfactory to you. Although not all of the Lasershow Performer buttons have a LivePRO equivalent, I assure you that the power and capability provided by this combination are unmatched...

    Best regards,

    William Benner