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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by Dido, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Dido

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    Hi all laserists!
    Is there any way to make a button of the Lasershow Performer toggle on/off for TTL State.
    I mean if i have a beam actuator for fibrooptics on some DMX channel to turn on and off with one button. I know how with 2 buttons.
  2. GlennT

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    There is currently no way to toggle TTL states as a cue, you can "pre-set" the states in the configuration section, though having an option to toggle from a cue might be posible to put into Livepro though there may be a problem with "safety". By this I mean, some users may need a TTL state level to ensure their system is safe, if the TTL is toggled and causes a safety issue then this is the type of option in Livepro we prefer not to have.

    Bill will have to comment on this.

  3. Pangolin

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    I agree with Glenn about the safety aspects.

    As we craft our laser software and hardware, we must keep safety in mind. This is also someting that I have observed Pangolin to do better than competitors... We take an approach that I call "accountability in design", which means that we take into account, the fact that "we are swinging around a friken laser beam here"... and we always have peer review sessions to make sure that what we do will be safe. This accountability in design, and peer review process takes longer, and that's one reason why we don't release a new version of software every week or every month. BUT, the software that we do release is really solid!! That's one thing that people comment on when speaking about Pangolin software -- that it's reliable.

    Best regards,

    Willam Benner