transition between snapshots maybe in newer version?

Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by newlaservision, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. Hello
    Snapshots saved to cues are very helpful in my shows because in one cue we have different animations for all 4 tracks. Fast and easy. Like it ;] But for me there is one bug, in my shows it's difficult to use them because snapshots record transition options too given no transition between next snapshot or previous cues. There is one more option: drag&drop [track cue snapshot] but we can't record all 4 track to one cue. Any idea? Maybe there is some another solution to record different frames in one cue. Maybe *Ish is an answer to make a multiscanner show in Rider and then assign it to cue, didn't try before but sounds like crap :D

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    Your suggestion certainly sounds very interesting, and we would like to engage about this topic through email rather than forum posts.

    Please contact William Benner at
  3. I will
    With this option we're going to master of live production because in one moment can change images on all 4 tracks and 4 lasers with transition as well

    I found one more shortage. There is no pause control for every track in midi special keys. I think it's not hard to add it there;] It is very necessary ;] I know I can assign "pause" to cue and then control this cue from my midi controller. For me it's not usable because always when the button is pushed then openning page where is that cue in LivePRO too but I don't want change page where that cue is I want to stay on another page where I'm working

    sorry for grammar

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    When I read your post I see that there are two different subjects:

    1) You want to be able to choose a transition between snapshots you have created.
    I'm not sure if this is possible or if there is a work around. Did you try the camera icon above the tracks.
    This way you can save a snapshot to an empty cue. Maybe when you have the snapshots in your cue's and enable transition it will work...

    2) There is no pause control for every track in midi special keys but you have found a workaround.
    This workaround you want to trigger with a MIDI command. The problem is this changes your page...
    Please note there is an option in the field "commands" were you will map your cue to the MIDI command that is called "do not change page".
    So assign the button to the cue on a local page and do not change page.This would map your button and when you press it is will stay
    on the same page you was before you pressed the button.

    Let me know how far this will solve your problems and if you have any other questions.

  5. Thanks for answer
    1)Yes I know I can assign snapshot to cue but snapshot remember all settings around workspace, so there is no transition option between snapshots. I'm looking some option to remember few frames on one cue. I work with 7 lasers on 4 tracks, multi different frames on one cue that is answer to me

    2)I need to try this, this is the answer I think but why there is no on "midi special keys list"? simpler?


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