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Discussion in 'LivePRO' started by bikeraper, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. bikeraper

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    I`m using QS witz 2FB3 only for making some nice effects to the music, being played by the DJ. Meaning, I've no Idea wich song is coming next :D
    Perhaps Live Pro is the better software for me. Is there a possibility to test it for about a month or so?
  2. a1laserboy

    a1laserboy Member

    Live Pro is better than Quickshow in many ways, but it's very different. Beyond might be a better way to go.

    But saying that, whatever software you are using is only as good as how you have it set up and how you use it. It's only worth changing when you reach the limits of what you have and can't make it do what you need anymore.

    I suck at golf. and better golf rackets won't help me.
  3. Colourwheel

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    LivePRO is great for improvisations. You can call any effect, key-effect and colour effect while running any cue on 4 different tracks.
    In Quickshows there are QuickFXs but with much less control than what you have in LivePRO.
    On the other hand, LivePRO is not for frame creation and editing, and doesn't have show editing capability(timeline with audio import). For that Quickshow, LD2000 or Beyond are the tools. LivePRO is designed with a different concept, sort of laser synthesizer.