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    ok now my son has the upgrade but the output of the lazer is permant upside down when change the x/y output the display screen goes the opposite way and the output is right way up but if I change picture it reverts back and does not saves the adjustment
    anyone know how to save the output inverted and leave the display the same
  2. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

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    You can do the settings within the laser settings/projection zone settings.

    Here is an example like you can do it for a run text, but it is valid for any other type of keys/animation:

    Runtext direction / orientation

    See image attached.

    The text representation (as well as all graphics and animation) can be used as a rear projection as well as a front projection. Therefore, you have to have the ability to run the text display from left to right, as well as to mirror the representation of X and Y axis (/ invert).

    Basically, the text presentation is based on the corresponding projection zone. I.e. The projection zone determines in which direction the text is output (also see projection zones). Have you added the text as an animation using the context menu of the surface, then this is automatically assigned to the projection zone "Text". Did you created a new animation about the "Edit key" function of the right-click menu, the animation is usually assigned to the projection zone "Audience".

    In order to possibly invert the output of the text so that the text is readable, click with the right mouse button on the tile with the text animation at the surface. From the context menu, select the entry "Edit Key". Very on the right side at "Zone" you can now see by the selected button, to which projection zone the animation is assigned. Do you want to change the assignment, click on the appropriate projection zone.

    In order to change the assignment, click on the "Settings" button above the projection zone assignment. The "Laser Settings" open up. In the upper right area the right projection zone as "Text" is selected then. All changes here will have an influence on all of the animations which are assigned to this projection zone (Text). In the lower right, you see the two checkboxes "Invert X" and "Invert Y". If you now tick this, the animation is mirrored by the corresponding axis. By this you should get a combination that represents the writing in proper orientation through your laser.

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