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Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by lasershow-creation, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. lasershow-creation

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    Hi all,

    I urgently need a default ilda color palette for Phoenix.
    Reason is, that I have some ilda files here that have been exported from LD2000 and color is totally offset.
    It seems, that the color palette in phoenix does absolutely not fit to the one used in LD2000.

    Any short term help possible?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

    Daniel-Pangolin-Support Pangolin Support

    Color Palette

    Hey Tobias,

    Which Phoenix software product do you use?

    In which format are your ILDA files?
    ILDA Format 0 or ILDA Format 1 (indexed colors)?
    Do you get a color palette (ILDA Format 2) or is it embeded in the ILDA files?

    Which way are colors shifted?
    In Phoenix PRO you can setup your own color palette on a per event base or globally.
    In Phoenix Live you can also change all colors of frames.

    Kind regards

  3. lasershow-creation

    lasershow-creation Active Member

    Hi Daniel,

    Problem solved so far by using the lds export function of LD2000 and import directly in Phoenix 4.2.
    Exporting to lds file directly our of Beyond doesn´t work. File is empty...
    So you need to load the Beyond-exported lds file in LD2000, copy all points of the frame, paste into new drawing file and safe again as lds file out from LD2000. This works... but very much effort to use for multi frame animation... you need to do this for each single frame:(
    Nevertheless, the general problem still exists if you try to load LD2000 created ilda files...
    Best would be to send you the files via email and you check out yourself.
    I assume this is an issue with the color palette of Phoenix and ilda files...

    Best regards,
  4. Daniel-Pangolin-Support

    Daniel-Pangolin-Support Pangolin Support

    Hey Tobias,

    Thanks for reporting back. I will forward it to the corresponding department.