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    Over the past few days, we've received questions about what our recent acquisition means for Phoenix users. Some of the same questions are being asked over and over, and so we hope to answer the common questions in this thread.

    1. First, as a result of this acquisition, what this means is that all Phoenix clients become a member of the Pangolin family and enjoy our renowned support and free updates.

    2. There has been a question about bug fixes and software updates. These will be handled by Pangolin in the future. If you are having difficulties with the software, please contact us directly with a description of the problem. You can use our contact form, and choose "Hardware and software support" as the department: http://www.pangolin.com/contact/

    3. We are currently in the process of examining Phoenix along with our own developments to see where technologies can be shared between the two platforms. For example, I believe it is likely that the Phoenix Media Converter and 3D Visualizer will be made available to LD2000 and BEYOND clients, and we are examining the possibility of making Lasershow Converter 4D work on the Phoenix platform.

    4. Likewise, we are in the process of examining the possibility of running Phoenix on our current FB3 and FB4 hardware, and examining the possibility of running QuickShow and BEYOND on the native Phoenix hardware. No tests have been done yet, but one determining factor will be quality. If QuickShow and BEYOND does not look good on Phoenix hardware, then it will be a non-starter because we do not want to compromise our reputation for beautiful output quality. In a similar light, the nature of communications between software and our FB3 and FB4 hardware is different from any other hardware in this industry. As such, the philosophies between Phoenix and our hardware may be incompatible. But if the possibility exists to run Phoenix software on Pangolin hardware or Pangolin software on Phoenix hardware, we will exercise those opportunities.

    There is one overriding sentiment that I want to convey, and that is that we believe all clients are the real winner here, and I'd make the argument that the whole laser industry also wins. In the past, Phoenix developers spent a lot of time re-creating what Pangolin already had. I heard they most recently spent 1.5 years working on something to compete with our BEYOND 3D. Imagine if those developers would have spent 1.5 years doing something that nobody had done -- covering ground that none of us had covered? Imagine how much further the laser industry would be then?

    Well that's our plan... Don't duplicate efforts -- don't re-invent the wheel. Instead, work on truly new ideas, technologies and techniques, which move the whole industry forward and which -- if our 27 year history repeats itself -- will be offered to clients as a free software update.

    In the mean time, we certainly will also concentrate on product quality, so if there are areas that you're having trouble with, please let us know, and we will work to improve those areas.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    President and CTO
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    Hi Bill,

    Certainly a great outlook for the future.

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    should remove this big mistake on USB dongle

    portable computers
    mostly as 3 @ 4 usb port available
    I often use 3 or 4 Dac

    I use depending on demand shows BEYOND,QuickShow,PHOENIX,HE-Laserscan

    one that most bothers me in the way I work
    phoenix dongle that takes me a USB port

    This dongle and a big mistake and easier to lose
    and may affect a laser show
    if lost or stolen

    I like this different world of BEYOND

    I preferred to live phoenix that QuickShow
    the highlight APC40
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    it's been 5 years, is any of the above still happening.

    It's feels like pangolin bought phoenix just to dump it
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    If we bought it just to dump it, we wouldn't have sank more than $100,000 worth of development in it, and kept it going for more than four years!

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Dear Mr. Benner

    I'm interested in the Windows 10 update for Phoenix. What are my options?

    Best regards
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    Every product ever created in history eventually reaches the end of its useful life. The most recent example is our LD2000 system, which was received "end of life" status within the past month. Similarly, Phoenix reached "end of life" status prior to the end of 2017. When products reach "end of life" status, we send an email notification to all users, giving them the opportunity to do a final purchase of the product. We send these emails to all of the users we know about (and have in our email database). If you did not receive the email, we apologize, and ask that you register for our newsletter on our web site so that you can stay up to date with all of our developments and announcements.

    At the present time, as a Phoenix user, your options are explained on this web page:

    If you have any questions, you may post them here or contact us by email or by telephone and we'll be happy to help.

    Best regards,

    William Benner