Wysiwyg and Beyond connect over network problem


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I'm trying to connect Beyond Advanced(5.2/5.5) and Wysiwyg Live (r49, 2023) over the network and it won't work.
When the setup is on the same computer, everything works. I set up the network card on the Beyond computer, but the other computer with Wysiwyg does not see any signal from Beyond computer.
Artnet and SACN works, and all other network services work.
Have you tried to disable the firewalls on both machines? Also, have you tried to disable beambrush in the network config of BEYOND? It could be that the viz does not support this yet,
Problem solved.
The problem was on all computers where the update from windows 10 to windows 11. When I installed windows 11 as a new computer, all the problems disappeared and everything worked :)