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  1. jtnichol

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    Hi Everyone!

    I'm a Noob. Links are appreciated to my question. I just feel like I've exhausted every youtube video possible to get this answer. I really hate asking questions that seem like there is an easy answer to but I just need help now.

    I have 2 FB3 units.

    Can I assign more than one FB3 to a zone? Right now I have FB3 #1 pointing to all the zones and FB3 #2 pointing to secondary. I'm trying to get Quicktargets going on multiple lasers and don't see a way to assign it to both FB3. I understand the risks.

    As for regular cues the workaround has been to right click on the cue (for each and every cue) and select to work on Main Graphics + Secondary so I can get the cue to fire on both FB3.

    What can I do?
  2. spikie

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    Hi jtnichol

    I think what i know what you want but correct me when im wrong.

    What you want is that you choose 1 cue and then the cue must be played on both FB3s?

    Go to settings -> projection zones.
    on the general tab you see the dropout box Send out to.
    there you can set you FB3s to a zone. like you should put zone 1 to your first fb3s and your second at the zone 2.

    Then go to you cue you want and go to settings of the cue(right click on it)
    click on zone 1 and 2 and both fb3s should send out the same.

    Hopefully this is what you wanted?

    otherwise, reply and i will look futher for you;)

  3. Cmac212

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    Outputting to two FB3's from one Zone

    Hi, i need to output the same signal through two FB3's because i have pre programmed a timeline show and just added a 5W laser to it on another line
    and the show i programmed for is in an hour.

    is there a way to set the output to be the same for everything ? not just some cues?

  4. neutrino

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    Try this,

    Make the preview window display 9 zones rather than just the one default.
    Use the numeric keypad to select the zones (1-9) whilst holing down the + key.

    I dont have QS with me right now. But I remember I have done it this way before.