1. M

    MTC Timecode not triggering Timeline

    MTC timecode is displaying in the preview window of BEYOND, and also updates a timestamp below the timeline as expected, but it doesn't play the timeline at all. I've tried: 1. Enabling MTC timecode from show properties (right click on the timeline tab > show properties > time code input >...
  2. VexFX

    Reading SMPTE timecode with BEYOND

    I'm currently trying to get SMPTE timecode into BEYOND and running into an unexpected hurdle. I've watched the tutorial videos and read the wiki ( https://wiki.pangolin.com/doku.php?id=beyond:timecode ) but both only show SMPTE working with COM port connection of specific hardware. SMPTE is...
  3. K

    what do I need for timecode w/ Show Kontrol

    I'm looking to run some timecode on Beyond using Show Kontrol app and looking for more information on what I might also need. I am going to run Show Kontrol on my Macbook into an audio interface to Beyond on my other laptop. currently I'm looking to get either the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen...
  4. Garrett_502

    Timecode on FB4

    How does this feature actually work, and what does it do?