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  1. Garrett_502

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    How does this feature actually work, and what does it do?
  2. target

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    same question
  3. lorenzopompei

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    me too, timecode is an audio signal, and fb4 is connected to the network, I don't understand how it can receive tc
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    Setup example.

    In a "stand alone" setup where multiple FB4's are on the same network, and these FB4's need to play the same show, the FB4's will need to stay in sync. This only goes for when there is a timeline show playing directly from the SD card. So when there is no PC in use.

    You can set 1 FB4 as master by placing it in autoplay mode, the others as slave. Then all will stay and play in sync.
  5. lorenzopompei

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    but then if I have to set one in auto play mode and the others in slave mode why is there the timecode button?
  6. RyanLD

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    Judging from the manual it is for Art-Net Timecode. But I would love an example of how this would work with say, a timeline from Quickshow.
  7. Igor Strakhov

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  8. RyanLD

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    Thanks for the quick response Igor. Could you clarify these sections of the FB4 manual (attached)? I have just purchased a Clubmax 3000 FB4 thinking I would be able to upload a timeline from Quickshow and just program a timecode offset in order to synchronize with a show.

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  9. Igor Strakhov

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    I'm sorry! I misunderstood the question!
    I was saying that QuickShow can't generate Timecode.
    However, if you have an external source of Timecode (software or hardware), you can really run your show by timecode.
    You need to upload it to FB4 in the Timecode folder beforehand.

    How to export a show can be read here https://wiki.pangolin.com/beyond:fb4_export