1. L

    How to edit custom DMX values for aftermarket laser on Beyond?

    Hello people, I am having a terrible time defining DMX values for an aftermarket laser on Pangolin Beyond. For a little bit of preface, I have purchased a cheap 13-channel laser and am using my buddy's license of Beyond. This laser is only a 13-channel laser, and as you can guess, none of the...
  2. VexFX

    Reading SMPTE timecode with BEYOND

    I'm currently trying to get SMPTE timecode into BEYOND and running into an unexpected hurdle. I've watched the tutorial videos and read the wiki ( ) but both only show SMPTE working with COM port connection of specific hardware. SMPTE is...
  3. A

    FB4 Laser Control with Artnet via Enttec S-Play

    Hi all, I am trying to control/trigger a cue exported to my FB4 laser using artnet via an enttec s-play, but having trouble with it. In order of things I have done: Exported the cue to my FB4 as a blank DMX FB3 Template (Only need the 16 channels), Page 1 Value 001 for DMX Value range 32-35...
  4. R

    Can not delete categories

    Hello. For some reason my Beyond is creating blank, black categories. They have the option to delete categories but when I click delete, the categories will not delete. I also can't add an name to the blank categories. How can I delete the categories? Thanks Ricky.
  5. Karl Erik Mander

    APC Mini MK1 partially working on Beyond Essentials

    Hello Following Beyond wiki page ( states with its photo that I can access FX items and I can control vertical line on the most right side but when I connect to Beyond with Essentials version then I dont get those features. I can only...
  6. J

    Is there a way to midi map BPM dividers and multipliers with pango script

    Much like the way I set up my lighting punt page, I would love to be able to have a way to divide or multiply my tap tempo BPM using either a fader or a series of dedicated buttons when punting. This is probably a stretch, but If it was possible my preferred method would be a fader that divided...
  7. T

    Quickshow/Beyond continuous show question

    Yo guys, I have a 6 song set that I programmed a show for in Quickshow. My original plan was to drag in the 24 minute set into the timeline and program everything in one timeline, but each song has a different BPM and I use a lot of BPM synced cues/effects. My solution was to create different...
  8. WaveExchange


    No, they haven't integrated Ableton link straight into Beyond yet and they told me they are still 6-7 months out (1/25/23). There is a workaround that works relatively well though ShowCockpit is an amazing tool that has Ableton link and can be used to trigger MIDI controllers (I use it to set...
  9. EXP_LAB

    Urgent: Timeline "Show it now" Button Missing

    Am I missing something? Where'd the button disappear to? Is there a setting or file that affects that? Referencing to the "Show it now" button in Timeline in the top toolbar next to the Help button top right.
  10. D

    Beyond + Touchdesigner

    Hey there, up front - I'm completely new to Beyond or the laser game in general. We are preparing a show where we project with a laser onto a LED wall with matching content/mapping. I'm quite experienced in making visuals with Touchdesigner and co. But I struggle to find a way to record/export...
  11. N

    Beyond Recording to Depence 2 Multimedia Track

    I've contacted depence(syncronorm) support and they have informed me that recording beyond input to depence 2 sequencer is "not allowed". Is this something that could possibly happen in the future @Bob @igor @alexei ? I understand the concern for being able to output from Depence without beyond...
  12. R

    How can I send FB4 pangolin data wirelessly ?

    Hello. I am looking for a way to run my fb4 lasers wirelessly. is with possible? At the moment I run a RJ45 cable from the back of my laptop to each of the lasers in series but over the long distance this gets messy. How can I do it wirelessly ? I have pangolin beyond essentials. thanks ricky
  13. J

    SACN Missing in Beyond

    I may be doing something wrong, but I see that the SACN menu tab should be present on my Beyond Essentials, but it appears that it is missing. I looked over the wiki and that shows a SACN tab under the DMX setting menu but I only see what is in my attached screenshot. Has anyone else encountered...
  14. V

    question about Kinetic plug-in

    Is there anybody knows how to calculate "acceleration‘’、“Speed at 0” and "Speed at 255", I tried nearly 100 times, also look through the manual from offical and vyoutube video, 100/(d*s)=a. But it is incorrect. So is there anyway that I don't need to calculate 100 times on every ball( I have 80...
  15. B

    Beyond SDK?

    Hey all, Been looking around a little bit for where I can get support on using Beyond with other software. I'm looking to do what TouchDesigner did, but with Unreal Engine. I'm looking to be able to take laser data from Beyond so I can visualize it in Unreal. Any help would be greatly...
  16. M

    Beyond 5 - Pangolin SDK

    Hi, I'm trying to get the SDK working with Beyond 5 ultimate, but I get no picture (from SDK samples, Open Frameworks, Touch Designer, or whatever uses the SDK) Support told me "using the update dropdown menu at the top of the user interface, it should bring you up to build 1521 or 1522 which...
  17. T

    Download Beyond SLE - Special Launch Edition

    Hello. Has anyone the actual download link for the latest Beyond SLE (v699 Bxx) Version? I could not find it anymore. And I have to reinstall it. Thank you. Best regards, Toby
  18. C

    Free Open Stage Control OSC Template

    A free Beyond OSC Template for the use with Open Stage Control. Download Open Stage Control ( Download the Beyond.json file (link below) Open the session file with Open Stage Control Control Beyond from any computer, tablet, phone in your network Download...
  19. P

    LED FeedBack launchpad mini mk3

    I am trying to map my launchpad mini mk3 to pangolin beyond, taking advantage of the full rgb LED FeedBack. I can set the midi not in the Fx grid section, but it does not respond to the corresponding LED FeedBack note. If I make a midi long pangoscript, it responds to the rgb color. How can I...
  20. P

    Midi map to universe button

    Instead of scripting the midi to pango, can I just make a template in universe to emulate the control surface, and just map directly into the universe for the midi outputs? I'm having trouble figuring that out.