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No, they haven't integrated Ableton link straight into Beyond yet and they told me they are still 6-7 months out (1/25/23). There is a workaround that works relatively well though

ShowCockpit is an amazing tool that has Ableton link and can be used to trigger MIDI controllers (I use it to set BPM in GrandMA 2 as well). You will need

-Show Cockpit Basic (30€)
-ShowCockpit Ableton Link Plugin (10€)
-Midi Output (10€)
-LoopMIDI (Free)

Run LoopMIDI and name that internal loop whatever you want

Setup ShowCockpit and have Abelton link feed into your Midi Output that is assigned to your loopMIDI. Have the "Tap Beat" send Raw MIDI Message. This will be a 6-digit message that you can see when mapping MIDI controllers within beyond. I use 90 75 7F due to it being the same mapping message for one of the buttons on my APC Mini MK2. Just make sure it doesn't overlap with something else that may cause issues.

Now in Beyond have one of your MIDI Controllers be the LoopMIDI (might look like "loopMIDI port"), and go under the LoopMIDI port settings. Under MIDI Surface - Buttons click configure and set your "Tap Tempo" to the same 6-digit message that you put in ShowCockpit

This won't be perfect, but works relatively well, will be testing things out at a gig tonight so I will update here if there are any issues. I use this to Link Resolume Arena, GrandMA 2, and Beyond to be all on the same BPM, using an APC MK2 within Resolume to adjust tempo. ShowCockpit has a tutorial to link Ableton Link to GrandMA 2 as well

Best of luck with your shows! You can message me on Instagram if you need any help (WaveExchange)



Ableton Link to GrandMA 2