FB4 Laser Control with Artnet via Enttec S-Play

arif mo

New Member
Hi all,

I am trying to control/trigger a cue exported to my FB4 laser using artnet via an enttec s-play, but having trouble with it.

In order of things I have done:
  • Exported the cue to my FB4 as a blank DMX FB3 Template (Only need the 16 channels), Page 1 Value 001 for DMX Value range 32-35.
  • Created a Artnet/Static cue in the S-Play and patched the following numbers to the correct channels (16 channel mode), note that universe 0 is just s-play universe 1.
  • Put the FB4 in artnet mode and configured it as follows:
    Universe 0 Channel 1 Profile FB3.
  • The S-play and FB4 are both configured correctly i.e same ip address range etc and gateway.
When I go to preview cue, the S-play outputs the artnet to universe 0 however I am getting no output from the laser itself. I have seen this done before and know that it works, but I seem to be missing something important?

When the file is exported as an autoplay file cue, it works perfectly fine.

Forgot to mention, the LEDs on the back of the FB4 indicate artnet being received and the last LED (red) is blinking when artnet signal is sent, however no output from the laser.
visual points need to be on 255
zoom on 0
size x and y, for testing, I would not set it higher than 100.

Did you get it to work?