1003 error and can't find QM2000 board (intermittent)

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  1. danmc

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    Hi guys,
    i can't seem to load LD2000 from my qm2000 pro board as it comes up with the 1003 error. I read in another forum that is it due to a corrupt or non existing LD2000.DLL file but where would i find this file? and how would i get an un corrupt version of it?
    i have deleted and reinstalled the newest LD2000 RC22. as well as beyond30.
    i also get a runtime error '424' object required with my 1003 error

    Before i even get to this issue i have to push reconnect many many times until it can see my qm2000 board. sometimes it helps to restart the board and it will see it within a few seconds but then eventually lose connection. this connection time has been getting more worse as the days go on taking longer and longer to connect.

    Am i better to move my licence across to an FB4 to make life easier?

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  2. aricha

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    Take the card out from the pci slot and take the memory card out of its slot.
    Clean gold fingers and the slots.
    It might help.
  3. danmc

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    Ok great thanks ill have a look into that