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  1. dkmuk

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    Hello Dear!
    Prompt it is possible to to create a show with ST predefined output parameters 16:9? 16:9 is the surface, it is necessary to show the entire surface of the show. Do not pull the projection zones, and since these parameters show. What would range from pulling! In the same effekt editor, in the preview window!

    Thank you with respect. Sorry for my english!
  2. aricha

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    Make your projection zone 16*16 and work your frames only in the 16*9 area.
    You can mark a 16*9 rectangle on the wall and edit your animations in that rectangle.
    Or you can draw a rectangle laser frame put it in a track that is not being used and edit your animations in that rectangle. Once you finish with the editing delete this rectangle.
  3. dkmuk

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    Possible. But I thought that can programmatically.