2.5 Quick show problems, Help.

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    - When I connect FB3 to laser projector the laser light switched on and light at point. Why is switched on? What is the problem?

    - The balnking line visible, the balnking not work.
    - The colour mixing not work.

    FB3 led is Green.
    Windows7 64bit and I install win7 64bit driver.
    My laser is analog and work with easy las Dac + MB perfectly.
    I tested the FB3 more ILD cabels and the problem same.

    Thank you for a help,
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    I found the problem.
    The old K12n not use the X-, Y- signal, because Installation (GND, X + Y +, andr two resistors between GND to X-, Y-) and this is cause a conflict.

    Important: This scanner uses single ended signal inputs.
    To connect symmetrical ILDA signals from our EasyLase USB board, connect the signals X+
    (pin1), Y+(pin2) and GND (pin25) of the DB25 ILDA-connector to the K12N driver..
    Pins X- (pin14) and Y-(pin15) should be connected to GND (pin25) of the DB25 ILDA-connector
    or connected to GND by use of 2K2 resistors.

    What do I do? how to use my old scanner?
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