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    am having problem with connecting 2 laser via one fb3 by Y idla.when i connect 1 laser it seems fine but when i connect the 2nd laser first one goes blank..any can tell me what could be the problem? same problem goes when i connect from laser output aswell? both laser comes from different company,one is analog type and other is digital..anyway to solve it??
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    It sounds like the y splitter you are using is causing a conflict with the ILDA input on your projectors. Many projectors have an "auto" sense feature that will "see" incoming ILDA input to know it needs to use ILDA instead of projecting the internally stored generic patterns; if the Y splitter is not allowing all of the ILDA signals to pass from one projector to the next, the first projector may "loose" the signal it needs to "See" in order to use the incoming ILDA signal for control. I suspect the interlock signal is not being passed through the Y Splitter so the first laser thinks its interlock circuit is broken when you plug the splitter in.
  3. newbies

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    am kinda new to this,how do u resolve this issue???
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I will probably not be able to tell you how to "fix" it as it might be a problem with the projector or the splitter; I can give suggestions on how to isolate the issue. If the laser is not able to "see" the ILDA signal, then it is a projector issue; if the splitter has an issue, or does not pass the signal your projector is "looking" for then you will need to contact who ever made the splitter.

    First, make sure each laser works, by itself, when connected directly to the FB3 output. This will test the laser's "auto sense" ability to see an incoming ILDA signal.

    Then, see if you can change laser positions on the Y splitter to see if there is a difference incase there is a wiring issue with the splitter.
  5. newbies

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    when i connect them individually the laser works fine...my only problem is when i Y cord the 2 laser one goes blank..and i tried Fb3 to laser ,output from laser to 2nd laser one of them goes off again...am confused ..
  6. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    This indicates that there is a signal that the projectors need to "see", before they will respond to, or project from, the ILDA signal coming from the FB3, that is not getting to the 2nd projector. It is probably the "interlock" (pins 4 and 17) or the ground (pin 25) that is not being "sent" or passed through the Y splitter or ILDA out on the projector(s).

    The only way around this, or to fully test your splitter, is to get another ILDA splitter (or build one) that you know has all 25 pins of the db25 split. You can buy ILDA or db25 connectors that can be crimped onto a 25 pin ribbon cable (ribbon cables can be repurposed IDE cables). If you take one male db25 connector, two female db25 connectors, with one ribbon cable, and put them together, you get a ILDA db25 Y splitter cable... :cool:
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    thanks AAron for the advice!!!:):):)
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    On / off

    Hey man i had the same thing, it drove me nuts, i bought a new splitter, nada, did the master slave so many ways i needed a dry erase board to keep up ,i finally bought 2 better projectors and wallah , but they will both show the same thing, good luck thesmooth

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