2 QM2K's with different scan rate?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by DZ, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. DZ

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    I'm considering a 2nd QM2K for running a dual scan head projector. I'm just wanting to confirm that the 2 QM2K can work together with a different scan rate? Basically, I have 1 scan head I want to run at 30K and the other at about 18K. So I'm assuming you can set this up in LD/ST, then go the ST timeline and assign track 2 to the 2nd scan head and it will display track 2 at 18K while the other tracks are displaying on scan head 1 at 30K. Can it work this way?!:confused:

  2. Lasersource

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    I think that is possible.

    If you have track 1 assigned to scanner 1, you can go to the zone settings and set the maximum scan speed.

    assign track 2 to scanner 2 and set in the zone settings the scan speed lower.
  3. aly

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    Not a problem.
    In the menu you have two settings - for zones and for projectors.
    One projector is one QM card.
    There you can set scan rate, color blanking delay, etc.
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    What they said... if you can't figure it out you can just leave that fancy dual head gas laser projector with me when you bring it down for FLEM next week... :D Or I can show you how to do what you want. :rolleyes: