20 hours into pangolin - 2 questions

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  1. micla

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    Dear Pangolin users,

    I resently bought pangolin with both the ilda and the dmx interface voor my 2x 2 watt ilda lasers en some dmx fixtures.
    Using the program is good so far, i love the laser cue's and all of the features the program comes with.
    However, programming a show in the timeline gives me some trouble i can't manage to solve myself. So maybe some of you got some handy idea's:

    First of all: how can i change the icon of a dmx-cue? i'm working on a 2 hour lightshow at the moment, and have about 30 dmx cues made so far, and all dmx cue's just show the same "dmx" icon. So the're is no clue to what they do with my fixtures by just looking at them.
    For me it's very important i can program without having to plugin all the light to see what they do. Yes, i can name all the cues to say what they do, but i want it visualized just as all the laser cue's. Especially in the timeline.

    Second: I've got a 2 channel stroboscoop witch i can't seem to make flashing on the beat by simply ajust the speed channel. Making a 8 step cue out of it and put in the right bpm did not work. So i made a dmx cue that simply flashes the strobo ones. But then i have to place a cua for every single beat in the timeline. Offcouse this is a very time consuming solution. If there was a way to copy and paste a selection of cue's allready put in the timeline, it wassn't really bothering, but i red there is no way in qs to do such a thing??

    Somebody with some brilliant ideas?:D

    Thanx in advange

    Excusses for bad English
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Im sorry to report that Quickshow does not support this at this time.
    If it will come in the future is not known yet.

    The scope is probably analog. And the timing of these is pretty impossible to control. There are multiple factors why this is so hard. But can you tell me which fixture this is?
  3. micla

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    Hey Bob,

    Tnx for reply. Sorry to hear that. For now i found a other ( kind of awkward though ) solution: For every show-element i make an extra cue with frame animation. I there draw the essential characteristics of the scene and put it into the showelement with the help of Quickcapture. I've set up a special projection zone for these cue's witch i don't use, so they won't display anything of that aniimation to the fixtures

    Very timeconsuming i can say:sillylol:

    p.s.: my strobe is a Beamz 1500 DMX

    Will i be better of with Beyond or LD2000?

    Nevertheless, i still loving the software guys. Made a lot of nice cues so far. I'll soon be sharing it on the show-space. show-programming goes a little bit slower:sillylol:%)=)%):sillylol:
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  4. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    The problem is indeed the strobe, well a combination of dmx and the strobe.

    When you start using 2 strobes, you will directly know what I am talking about.
    Even 2 "cheap" scopes, same brand and model will almost never blink in sync.

    Your method of 1 flash per dmx burst is probably the best method, but even then, if you use more of the same you will probably run into problems.

    p.s.: my strobe is a Beamz 1500 DMX

    Is Beyond better in handling DMX? Not better, cause there is nothing wrong with the output, but does it offer more DMX functionality? Definitively.

    At the moment Beyond supports 4 DMX Universes.
    You can import your own icons, no problem there.
    It supports Art-net, Usb-DMX , fixture profiles, dmx groups, audio input modulation, sub-masters, you can even build your own lightning desk in Universe and also have it communicating with OSC, your lasers and DMX at the same time.

    And still i'm grasping the surface here...
  5. micla

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    Tnx for clearing Bob,

    Maybe in time i will purchase Beyond then. For now i have enough to learn and make myself familiar with the Pangolin envirement and laser technics%)