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    Hallo everybody,

    I did just bought 2 behringer bcf2000 fader controllers.
    Now i want to make a mapping in beyond.
    I set the first one in beyond as midi device one, the second as device 2.
    But beyond is saying the second device can not have the same name.
    So I was wondering if somebody know how i can change the name of 1 of the 2 controllers. Or maybe there is a other way.

    Looking forward for your replay!
  2. MrBeam

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    2 x BCF-2000

    I have two BCF-2000 units working with Beyond 669B.

    IDs are 1 and 16.

    Maybe try that setting?

    My system is down at the moment, but if that does not work, I'll check in once it is back up and see if I can help you out...

  3. ENOT

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    There is some mystery in this. Some MIDI controller types add (2) and (3) to the name, what makes the name unique. But sometimes it does not happen.

    BEYOND use MIDI device name for identification of the device. Windows may change device index, and the name is something that is constant, and can be used for identification. If multiple devices has equal name then how to detect what is what? It is not a problem to open device, but I doubt that anybody will like the fact that BEYOND change order MIDI controllers, and open a wrong one. It means that by solving one problem we will inject one more problem.

    We are glad to help and solve the question. Let me know if there are any ideas.

  4. stok

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    I have the same problem with two apc40's. I manually change the name in the windows registry. Just add a 2 to the second device. And then start beyond.

    Can't Beyond add a virtual 1 or 2 by the name? Maybe link the name to the device ID number? Otherwise if the order is changed you can correct the order easilly seems no problem to me. I rather have the device working and something change the order than the device does not work at all.

    Hope there will be an easy sollution for this. How do other programs solve this? Maybe some other user can test this with other software?

    Nice day all!