3 Watt ION White Light Spectra Physics 168 w/pwr$

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    Creative Laser Media & Design is selling a beautiful Spectra Physics 168 White Light that is producing 3 Watts of power at 33 Amps. We had Nitelite Lasers build us this whitelight that has a custom scanner projector that fits onto the front of the laser head. Laser projector has a brand new pair of Cambridge 6810 X/Y. Ilda DB25 connection. We are selling a complete white light system with projector and Exciter 265 power supply for $5000.00. You can have this system do full color with an AO or filters.

    Please give us a call if interested. We can ship these items safely anywhere via UPS or FEd EX.

    Creative Laser Media & Design

    See the White Light laser in action on Youtube. We did a concert in San Francisco with it.