3 Zone VLJ Scripting

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  1. dennisthemenace

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    Im trying to make a script that will run VLJ individually in 3 different zones from the active grid page. I Have set multi cue to only allow 1 cue per zone in the limiters and put this script.

    CodeName "3 zone Automatikka"
    VAR Beatcounter 
    Beatcounter = 4
    WaitForTimerBeat BeatCounter
    SelectZoneName "Main Graphics"
    FocusCellIndex randomin(1, 54)
    WaitForTimerBeat BeatCounter
    SelectZoneName "Scanner 2 Main"
    FocusCellIndex randomin(1, 54)
    WaitForTimerBeat BeatCounter
    SelectZoneName "Scanner 3 Main"
    FocusCellIndex randomin(1, 54)
    goto start

    But the thing is that after every zone change it put the same cue in all 3 zones, i would like to have different cues in different zones.

    Any hint?
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  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    You want to select 3 different frames, every time on the same beat? Or does every cue needs to start at an different beat?
  3. dennisthemenace

    dennisthemenace Well-Known Member

    Hi Bob, main idea was to have a cue to change on every beat, but it would be nice with script that would change for example main zone every 4th beat, graphics 2 on the 8th beat and graphics 3 on the 16th beat :)

    I guess it quite simple as soon as i figure out how not to change all zones to the same cue
  4. JD3

    JD3 Member

    Just want to revive this to see what the end solution was. This could be very helpfull!

    Two (or More)different frames on the same beat, each going to different zones would be great.

    IE Activate VLJ
    Zone 1,2,3 = cue A
    Zone 4,5 = Cue B

    and have them randomly pick cues based on what ever beat count the VLJ is set to change at.

    Or even randomly select zone groups.

    IE for 5 Projectors,
    zones > (4:2:1:3:5)
    respectively (Left2:Left1:Center:Right1:Right2)
    Group 1 (2:1:3)
    Group 2 (4:5)
    Group 3 (4:2:3:5)
    Group 4 (4:1:5)
    Group 5 (1)

    i wish i knew how to write code :(
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    For a simple way to change all your zones on one beat is to make QuickCapture cues with cues going to different zones. Not exactly what you are after but this will get different content on multiple zones that is changing with Vitrual LJ.