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  1. Hi,
    I am having a show for Mercedes, where i am animating the Logo. I made 2 models, 1 is the star in the middle and the second is the ring around it. This because i want to give each of the 2 objects different rending setting. the star will be rendered with all the polygons and the ring around it will be rendered as silhouette. Then i grouped both objects and rotated them.
    In the preview everything look good, but when i render them, the star doesn't rotate, only the ring. i am attaching 2 screenshots to explain this a little bit more.
    Any ideas why this problem happens?

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    Hi Yousri try grouping all the objects *then ofsetting the pivot point in its center if it isn't * and then rotating the object.

    Also make sure the keyframes are being registered.. best to go to the animation tab in BEYOND 3D.