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  1. ARC

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    Hi all, I've used the convert in the past and been able to render lines as "renderable" with a thickness of .001, the New version of 3DSMX (7) seems to have a more "sensitive" setting on line visiblity. This setting no longer works, now line thickness set at .11 and works most of the time.

    Settings on filters have changed as well and are much more sensitive. This is a bit of an issue because the converter now sees points that it didn't see before.

    One more thing, even if the Diffuse material color is set to transparent, the convert still recognises it as laser points and created them in LD as blanked. YUK, please change.


  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Amy,

    Please send me example MAX files which illustrate the problems you are talking about. It would also be helpful to see MAX files for both MAX7, and also other versions of MAX that you have used so we can compare the differences.

    So far we do not have many users of MAX7, so we do not have the benefit of a lot of feedback. As more feedback comes in, and as we have example files which show the problems, we can improve LCMax and make it better than ever.

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it. Pangolin is a company that responds to customer requests. If we do not have any requests, guess what happens?

  3. ARC

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    Mostly, the line width issue seems to be affected by the scale you are working. I hadn't noticed the difference before, but 7 is much more sensitive. There have been a few more rendering bugs that have cropped up like the amount of detail that "can" be rendered. If there is too much detail right away, my system crashes. As a rule of thumb now, I make certain everything is in silhouette mode first, then select a few objects to add creases, etc. to. (Always best when not using your own models.)

    The animation key choices are much more defined as well, still experimenting with that.

    Is there a possiblity to write into the render a "maximum" point option. You have an option for minimum pts, but the other end of the spectrum would help.

  4. Pangolin

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    Anything is possible and a new version is in the works. Still and yet, I can guarantee you that no bugs will be fixed that are not detected or reported. As far as I know, version 2.50 has no bugs, and I will maintain this statement unless it is proven otherwise. That is why it is so important to report any problems to an official channel (not this board) and send the MAX files which illustrate any problems (as requested a week ago).

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    Once the upgrade (to 7) was completed, I have the same issues rendering v4 files as with 7 because, well, I'm in v7. Mostly the issue is the scale you are working in. The filter settings have a slight amount of control over this as well, but I've resolved the dilemma by double checking the first render with a series of still renders over the animation to be certain the line width is compatable. (only happens on renderable splines). For that matter, 7 is much more adept at creating animation of spline width and I can adjust that parameter as well to avoid potential issues or create "growing" lines.

    Tip: Utilize the "key filters" button in the animation controller area to optimize what is being affected by your animation. (Very helpful)
    ALSO, avoid bogging down your system when importing pre-created meshes (from outside sources) by setting the default rendering to silhouette only until you pick and choose which objects need more detail.