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  1. thesmooth

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    i got a pair of 3 watt RGB with 500mW r --900 g and 1500 b i just got a 5 watt unit from the same company ,it is just the big brother with 1000 r 1200 g and 3000b will there be a large increase in brightness? or will it be moderate and longer? thanks for any help.
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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I think there is an inverse square law involved in our Eye's perception of brightness. It takes four times the power for us to perceive a two times increase in brightness.
  3. yogi

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    So if we had to go for Rgb system would a 5w and 10w look similar ? Because my 2.5w Rgb and 5w Rgb look identical unless viewed under large distance along with other lights , only then does it look a little brighter , for an outdoor what Rgb system would u recommend in power ? Because pricing are twice as much ...
  4. yogi

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    Also put some light on single COLORS green , 8w or a 10w which one ? Coz a 3w and a 5w are exactly he same ... Kindly recommend
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    Outdoor venues?

    12 watt and up