4x CS-1000rgb + 1x FB3-QS = Multiple Projections?

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    Hello all,

    We're looking for some detailed advise and hopefully get this resolved.
    We have QS and have been using it for over a year with 2x CS-1000rgb's to project simple beams, animations, text etc however we recently purchased a further 2 CS-1000rgb's bringing the total to 4 systems, now we only have 1 FB3-QS but we want to create laser shows using quick timeline and via downloading from PangolinShows.com but we want to create shows where the laser project different beams, wave etc or come into the show at different times (i.e, Lasers 1 + 4 start the show with a wave then lasers 2 + 3 come in with a different effect)

    Is this possible with 1 FB3-QS?
    We have noticed that you can set 9 zones in QS, does this mean we can have up to 9 lasers (cs-1000rgb's) linked via the ILDA IN/OUT projecting different effects?

    We are just trying to get our heads around the more complex designer tools available in the software.

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    If you want different outputs in different projectors you will need multiple FB3s.
    It is possible to daisy chain (link through in and out) several projectors together to a certain point. The FB3 outputs an analog signal and over distance the voltage will drop. If you are connecting many projectors to 1 FB3 then it would be better to use a 'buffer box' or 'distribution amplifier'
    Additional FB3s is your best bet.

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    Please don't connect more than 2 laser on an FB3 without any amplification.