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    Is it posible to play wma file with ac3 in ld2000?
    I have try It but it only gives 2 chanels,not 6.
    Is there a way to play the audio in another mediaplayer,like winamp.
    This is on pangolinsite:
    How Showtime 2000 works
    Both Showtime 2000 and Microsoft Media Player use a deep layer of Windows called MCI, or Media Control Interface. If Media Player can play a format, it is because MCI can play it -- and it means that Showtime 2000 can play it.

    My wmafile play It correct in, Windows Mediaplayer 10 ,with 6 channels(5.1).

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    Dear Warre,

    Yes, Showtime (not LD2000 the drawing program) can play 5.1 surround sound as well as advanced video files with a borderless window if you use the "Showtime_M" version of Showtime. Showtime_M is installed along with version 5.03, but there is no pointer from the start menu.

    You will find it in the LD2000 folder.

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    William Benner
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    It's working!

    Thank you for your reply,William.