A Couple of Newbie Projector and Cue Settings Questions

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    Hi folks. I was using QuickShow and a KVANT ClubMax 1800 for a while. But there were some concepts I don't think I ever really got the hang of. Now I have a KVANT ClubMax 3000 with FB4 and have upgraded to Beyond Essentials. So I have decided it's time to make sure I understand some concepts.

    1) I have read a number of articles about scan speed. I understand how the test pattern in Beyond works. But I have also read that using that test pattern and setting your scan rate that way may not be the most accurate. So, bottom line, I would like to know how to properly set the various scan rate parameters in Beyond (default, minimum, maximum).

    2) I have found that in many cues that have dots, the dots have tails. I have determined that I can eliminate those tails by reducing (by a lot) the number of blanking lines specified for each cue. But I am concerned that I am missing a concept/problem in the settings that is causing this to be needed and I want to find out if what I am doing makes sense.

    I think that's enough to let you know what I am trying to learn more about. I have scoured the internet for specific tutorials to teach me these things but I haven't found any the really hit these questions directly and thoroughly. I found one really long webinar on YouTube that looked like it would be good but I could not understand the accent of the speaker in the webinar (was really disappointed about that).

    So any help would be greatly appreciated. My goals are to get the very most out of Beyond and my laser and also to keep the system safe from burning up due to my ignorance :-(.

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    For the first question, the most simple answer would be to set your scan rate to be no faster than your scanners are made to handle. If you have a CM3000 with scannermax 506's, (which you should, unless you upgraded to Saturn Scanners) than the scan speed should typically be set no higher than 30K at 8 degrees ILDA. So under your projector settings, set the scan rate to 30K. You obviously have a little wiggle room (depending on what cues you're projecting, and the scan angle). If you're projecting graphics, it's usually not a good idea to be projecting with a large scan angle, because it can put a lot of stress on the scanners. Scannermax 506 scanners are very robust and can take quite a beating, but you don't want to push them too hard. With graphics, you really want to reduce the size of your zones either in the projector settings or zone settings. With atmospherics and beams, the scan angle can be widened because they typically don't put as much stress on the scanners. So in answer to your question, you can always decrease the scan rate with the scanrate slider to achieve strobing effects or something like that, but I really wouldn't scan over 30K with your particular projector. So don't really worry too much about the test patterns. The test patterns are typically used for tuning your scanners, which you really shouldn't need to do too often. Basically just leave the speed at 30K for the most part and make sure you aren't putting too much stress on the scanners by projecting really wide graphics.

    For the second question, there could be many reasons why this is occuring, and you may want to contact pangolin or kvant directly. You might want to make a video or something to help determine the issue.
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    In Projector settings go to scan rate tab.
    Color/Blanking shift (point) slider - the default value is 4, change the value to 3 or 2.
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    Each laser is different and each set of scanners is different.
    That helps you to get the image right.