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    1. Can QuickShow slow and speed up patterns based on tempo? This equipment will be used in club like settings featuring djs etc. and the show must be able to adapt to the music being played. How in depth is the sound to light capabilities?

    2. Can you set "safety zones" so that no matter the pattern selected the laser will be dim or even completely blank when it scans a certain area? There is one ILDA software that you can set these zones and it will dim it so you can do complete crowd scans without worrying as much.

    3. Obviously this forum will have loyalty to the product but; would you say this is the best valued system for use in small shows and clubs? Or do I need to be looking at some other software (pangolin or not).

    Thanks for any help :)
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    Short Answer -

    With QuickShow, pretty much the answer is "yes" to all your questions:


    ONE big caveat -

    Even though Pangolin software (and probably some others, as well) support projection zones and beam attenuation maps, there are MANY more concerns than just software settings when considering crowd scanning, from safety, moral, AND legal standpoints!

    The USA is probably the most restrictive, but many countries have their own share of restrictive guidelines and regulations.

    Please be safe & smart -
    do your homework before you crowd scan with lasers!!!
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    Thank you for your response. I do take crowd scanning seriously. One reason why I want much more control over the patterns that my lasers project is so that I can avoid anything at eye level. I may just use the program/zones and placement of the lasers to explicitly avoid scanning the crowd.