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  1. LaserFan

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    Hello all!
    I’m add 2 A/V Tracks and 1 Lazer track on Timelene. Then make a Video masking on Lazer Track.
    And both A/V Tracks is masked. Is it possible to have 2 A/V Tracks one of which is masked and the other not?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    As I test, I do not see a way to mask only one AV track, but I do not think BEYOND can output to two seperate video projectors (unless they are set up as EmuLasers and then they would not output video from an AV timeline track) so I cannot picture a way masking only one AV track would be benificial (at this time).

    Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do? Maybe this is something that needs to be implimented or, maybe this is something that, even if we could do it, is not possible given BEYOND's video output capabilities.
  3. ENOT

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    This is not possible. Masking work on level of "window". SDK that we currently use do not provide ability to specify the mask for each file personally. I will send a request of feature to AV SDK Developer.

    Thanks for question.

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  4. LaserFan

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    Thanks Aaaron and Alexey!
    I wanted on one AV track to have masked video, and on the other, for example, scrolling text (from the bottom to top). And output this to one video projector.
    Let's hope for a positive response from AV SDK Developer.
  5. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    There is one more question. The mask not clearly works in X axis (it have wider unmasked field than on the Y axis). Although the alignment of projectors seems to be done right.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong? (I'm use 646 release)

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  6. LaserFan

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    There is a feeling that is ignored geometric correction. At the output, attached in a previous post pictures, there was such geometric correction (see picture).

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  7. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I apologize; I meant to respond to this and it slipped my mind.

    One thing to note, that the EmuLaser output and video output are not the same. If you set an EmuLaser up on a video projector and also project video from the timeline to the same video projector the geometric correction settings you set to the EmuLaser mean nothing to the timeline video.

    To do laser over video on the timeline you should geometrically correct your laser output to the shapes of the video being shown on the timeline video output. You can also create your laser frame in the frame editor with a screen shot picture file of the video you want to trace or overlay loaded into the background of the frame editor. Once you have the frame drawn, load the video onto the timeline so it is being projected from the video projector, go back into the frame editor, click show it now, and then use the size and skew tools to match the laser frame to the timeline video.