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    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to make abstracts with depth? I have used analog generators for years and know that it is a vca that creates the depth of the image. I am looking to make images like the concentric circles on abstracts 2 no. j along with other types. Any help would be appreciated. I can get a circle pulsating but cannot get the speed high enough for the concentric ones.
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    copy and re-paste a premade animation into a new cue window . I believe you can go into "edit event" . Click on item. then hit the "edit item" bar . Replace the item with your item of choice . you can then play with and adjust the "effects" to your liking . Anything deeper than this I think you might be looking to upgrade to Beyond . Quick show was designed for creating simple cues . Although i still use quickshow and i do huge concerts and events . I have have really pushed quickshow to its absolute boundries . I love Quickshow despite of its limitations . But beyond is designed for digging a little deeper into the animation side of it . There are other softwares that are offered by pangolin that is designed for assisting in creating 3D animations as an add on .

    My advice , Learn the software that you have , master it , then move to the next level . its easier this way to do the transition .

    good luck laser friend !!