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  1. DV.animation

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    The text editor takes into account accented letters fonts laser.

    Is it a problem on my pc or version of QuickShow.

    thanks for your answer

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  2. whiteg

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    I think the laser font no good choices with accented letters text. I think the laser font is not contain all fonts.
    When I want the text with accented letters, I use only TrueType font. The true type accented font is work perfectly.
  3. DV.animation

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    hello whiteg,

    Thank you for your response. yes I have seen that it works with truepyte fonts.
    I like you for accented letters.

    I find that even when it's a shame.

  4. Pangolin

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    Yes, our laser fonts were created by hand, by Pangolin staff, more than 20 years ago. The laser fonts only have the most common characters. If you type a character that is not in the laser font the software will "substitute" a missing letter from the last TrueType font that was successfully used with the missing characters.

    We have worked on technologies that allow single-trace TrueType fonts (which are rare, but do exist). Please contact us directly to see if this would be an acceptable solution for your application.