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  1. Pauluzzz

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    Busy weekend, another question.

    In one of my machines, the green laser is out of sync, it does not overlap with the other two colours any longer, so that yellow is now shown in red and green separately. It will need readjustment to get it back in line, but I was wondering whether the software could correct the problem? In lightning software for example, I can adjust the position of a moving head as an off set, is this also possible with QS?

  2. Igor Strakhov

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    Hi, Pauluzzz!
    It's not about QS!
    The question is whether your laser projector supports this function.
    I think this video will answer to your question.
  3. Pauluzzz

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    Thank you for the quick response!

    That is a no, my laser does not have that feature and from the video I understand that QS only would work through that specific capability on the laser.

    Yet, I was wondering, just like in lightning software, would it be so difficult to add this adjustment fix as a software feature? That is, the laser input signals are calculated according to the cue's but adjusted with an offset?
  4. Igor Strakhov

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    Ok, Pauluzzz. Let's talk about it!
    What should we do in the case of a laser projector to correct the beams divergence mathematically?
    In fact, we must have to draw the laser image 3 times (for R, for G, and for B).
    If we remember about drawing mechanics of laser image, we will understand that the scanners will have to do triple work.
    That is, the frequency of drawing will drop by 3 times, which may be acceptable only for example for a single line and a simple shape.

    Lighting fixtures are arranged differently. There are no scanners.
  5. Pauluzzz

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    I got your point, yes, I understand and drawing images 3 times would have an impact likely not worth the result.

    Thanks for the explanation, I'll take the laser to repair.