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    I tryed the advanced color settings like you showed us in the seminar in Frankfurt. But it seems, like I'm doing it wrong.
    When startet ist with ne "new color test" pattern, all cirlces are white an not in the color I`ve klicked on. Seems like I`ve forgotten one step.
    Please help me, or make a totourial video about it ;-)
    Chris from Berlin
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  3. Francesco van Loon

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    Hi Cris, I believe I was the one doing the presentation and explained about the Advanced Color Training.
    I think what you are asking is how can you make the output of the test frame in the color you are currently adjusting. Is this correct?
    If you look at the bottom of the Advanced Color Training window under all the colors you will see an option "Recolor test frame and cues".
    If you enable this option the output of the test frame will recolor in the color you have currently selected.

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