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  1. laserpeter

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    Hello from Germany,
    is there a fine mode for the mouse pointer in the Advanced Frame Editor for drawing figures (building mapping)?
    The normal resolution is far too crude and inaccurate to quickly and accurately trace the contours of a building,
    for example.
    In the competition laser software, there is the mouse fine mode with pressed SRTG button and this works much more precise and many faster!
    I have tried everything possible but can not find a fine mode ...
    Also very important:
    When will there be a current and COMPLETE help for the Advanced Frame Editor?
    The "latest" help in Beyond is, like so many others, from the Beyond version 2.0!
    And that for years ...;o(
    Is it possible to move/change tracks in the timeline in order, up or down?

    Best Regards from Germany
    Peter Rothe
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  2. Igor Strakhov

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    Hi, Laserpeter!
    You can use the zoom for more precise positioning.

    You can move/change tracks order in the timeline mit Ctrl+Shift+Up(Down)

    As for help, now Pangolin is actively working on the development of training materials and documentation.