Advanced Image Synthesiser open how ?

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  1. Satchmo

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    Hi, Could anyone tell me how I can open a fresh instance of the Advanced Image Synthesiser straight from a fresh blank cue slot. For the moment I've been copying a cue from the statics page into a fresh cue then after selecting edit Advanced synth image, selecting `New' from the File menu of the Advanced Synth Editor - there must be a better way !

    The Advanced Image Synth doesn't seem to be documented at all in the help files ?

    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    Can't be done! I asked for this feature a while ago but obviously it has not materialized. QS3 is looming on the horizon, so I would expect to see it then.
  3. Satchmo

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    Thanks , but dissapointing news. There are so many undocumented nooks and crannies in QS2.
  4. Pangolin

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    Hi Satchmo,

    QS was intended to be simple software for unsophisticated users with zero experience with lasers and in fact, people who can't even correctly spell the word laser. However, after releasing QS, we discovered that even our professional-level users appreciated the ease-of-use and quickness with which laser shows could be done. For that reason, we based our next-generation software BEYOND on the QS user interface philosophies.

    Because our target audience is unsophisticated users, we purposely limit the visibility of complex items which would cause confusion and frustration on the part of newbies, while leaving access to those features in there for experienced users such as yourself.

    There is a tenet of great user interface design that says "Simple things should be easy, complex things should be possible". Note that it doesn't say "complex things should be easy too"... The fact that the image synthesizer (indeed one of the most complex parts of QS with virtually unlimited power) is accessible -- albiet with a few more mouse clicks -- along with the fact that we receive so much positive feedback from newbies gives an indication that we hit our mark with respect to the user interface design.

    Setting the image synthesizer aside (which we know is, and purposely made non-obvious to access), we don't know of too many other hidden or undocumented features. Please let us know your thoughts on this (preferably though direct email using our contact form at and we'll work on improving the documentation or creating a tutorial video for advanced users and concepts.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  5. Satchmo

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    Thanks for explaining the ethos behind the way Quickshow is layed out, Bill. I wouldn't call myself experienced - I have only been working with QS for a few months, but having the tools to design new effects and cues you pretty quickly become adept at using them and delving deeper.

    A video tutorial on the advanced image synth would be good- I'm sure there are things I have missed about it.