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    APC40 strange things ;)

    Hi Bob, thanks for making this template. I installed it, and it appears to work fine. I have full control over all functions.

    However, there are some cues in my workspace pages, that do not what they should.

    I am in grid mode, toggle 1 cue, no transition,

    if I start clicking from left to right, first cue fires, clicking on the second one, kills the first and starts the second. Clicking on the third will cause cue 2 AND 3 to play. cue 3 stays active until manually clicked out. Even if I continue clicking the other cues.. Sometimes there are 4 or 5 active in a page if I should auto play a page.

    Upgrade from QS to Beyond essentials, 2.1 - build 788
    APC40MKII with this driver, ( and a version 3.6 in my midi map )
    FB3 control
    win 8.1

    The cue's are from a old QS workspace.. What am I doing wrong here ?

  2. RGBeetje

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    Hi Bob,

    I checked all settings, workspace is/was in single cue... when right clicked on 1per, selected one cue per projection zone.

    Problem persists.. ( did not find that setting yet though ;)

    ( re-?? )changed 1 cue per zone, to 1 cue entire workspace... and problem seems to be solved.. I'll re check this afternoon, just got back from graveyard shift ;)

    but when I am in "toggle" mode now it works :) The APC responds OK !
    Again, I'll check back and let you know..
    Thanks a lot for this reply !!!!

    So I guess it was originally in "one cue per projection zone" and that tilted the APC so to speak... Now it is in " 1 cue per entire workspace" and the APC works..

    only thing I notice now is that when a cue is started by mouse, the APC gives a fast red blinking button, but when pressed on the APC directly, the light goes out. ( no red or other color ) When pressed again ( stop cue ) it stays off until another cue is pressed. Than it comes on again..

    But so far so good

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