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    I am french and my english is no good, but i try

    I have lasershow désigner, when i write a texte i click on "afficher maintenant" and i click on "effects" i choose "rotation x, or y or z" i receive the message
    "please wait a moment" "an error occured" ....

    This error just when i write a texte. With texte preformated "pangolin" it's OK example : i write "SALUT" and i can't no effect

    Can you help me ?


    I am sorry for my basic english ...
  2. fredf57

    fredf57 New Member

    I resolve the problem, if i use a preformated text can't change the text,

    When i change text pangolin preformated an other text i have the message "an error occured"
    but if i open e a new work, it's ok

    My problem is résolved, sorry for this détail.

  3. ENOT

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    Hi Fred,

    I tried to send you email twice today, but it bounced back. OK, not important. You currently use outdates version of QuickShow. Please download latest version from our website.

    Best Regards,

    Alexey Sinitsyn,
    Software developer.
  4. fredf57

    fredf57 New Member

    i receive the confirmation mail on my adress ...

    i try send you an e mail
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