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    What's the vertical / horizontal angleZ parameters?

    I'm trying to set it up to where my side lasers go to a fully vertical angle. I am using the parameters given from the lasertechRU videos. Since I am using 6 lasers, I would like to place my side lasers to their correct vertical position. I could probably figure it out, but I figured I would ask on here.

    Also, is there a way in pangoscript to control brightness for the specific laser AND all the zones associated with said laser? So if I say, want to bring down the brightness, or even do a timeshift across all the zones for a specific laser, instead of just one of the zones the laser is associated with.

    So what I am asking is, instead of programming each of the laser's zone to the specific idea I want, I can instead cause projector 1 to change across all zones it's connected with at once without affecting projector 2. Is this possible?
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    Hi Darcean

    There are a couple of basic ideas that I want to offer for your consideration. It will be very compact version.
    - we don’t play the laser, we pay the cue. Cue is start point, or “the contentâ€￾. If we shift something by time, then it is the cue. Because cue is a the source of data. Some peoples talk about chase of zones, or time shift of projector. This is typical, but not really correct. There is player that calculate cue for this zone, that zone, and so on.
    - Many years Pangolin recommend to think about Projection Zones rather than a Projector. This is more flexible, and this is better. Why? because behind one Projection Zone can be multiple Projectors. This sounds inverted, but it really is, and this is why we have BEYOND.
    - BEYOND allow control Cue, each Cue personally. After that there is Master Live Control, it modify all output from the cues. After that output of cues goes to Projection Zones, and BEYOND Offer control personal Live Control of each Projection Zone. 3 stages: cue->master->zone. This is a foundation of BEYOND architecture.

    Regarding the setup of lasers, I recommend to take a look at Projection Zones settings dialog.

    Best Regards,
  3. Darcean

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    Thank you!

    I get what you're saying about thinking about projection zones instead of projectors, but sometimes I would like to do say, a chase without having to setup that chase to be specific to the zones. I would love to be able to do a 1->2->3->4->5->6 projector chase without having to cause the zones to change. Nothing is more frustrating when you have a venue with multiple levels and having 2-4 separate zones for each projector and then programming 2 fx cues per level of zones(top, middle, bottom).

    I would rather be able to chase the projectors when two of the projectors are on the top zone, two to the middle, and two to the bottom zone instead of having to program an entire quickfx that will force the selected frames into the selected zones. It causes pps issues when you have those 3 frames(1 frame per zone) into one zone.