Animated character and Beyond 3D animation BUG

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    I have a problem with Beyond 3D and it is very bother .

    I realize a Rigged and animated character with 3dsmax 2014 .
    When I import file in * .fbx beyond the 3d model is completely distorted .
    What is the problem ?
    I test the model without animation is not distorted.
    This is very bother .
    What should I do ?

    you can see as an attachment to the capture screen.
    I can send you the file and Max FBX

    Thank you for helping me


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  2. We experience the same,,, we made a model of a Car in 3DMax, we imported the model in Beyond 3D (FBX) and the car came partly missing parts, partly the parts were not were they were supposed to be etc.
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    Hello YousriL ,

    Thank you for your feedback similar experience .
    Your 3d model it contained a rig , bones , dummies ?
    Have you imported your animated FBX model ?

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    I solved the problem.
    I noticed Beyond 3D animation prefer a system skeleton " biped " 3dsmax .
    my 3d model the file became corrupted because I had converted the rig by dummies .

    I share my return from experience .

    I 've attached this message has a video rendering laser.
  5. I also got better results (but not 100% ) with changing the advanced option in the export of 3DMax by " preserve Instance" and embed Media.
    I will try what you did and tell you my results.
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    Please check the settings you toggle upon FBX importing from your software.
    This is very important.. complex models can sometimes have weird creases and much much which are converted from polygon to mesh based.

    Have you checked that these are ticked?

    I tested it with a CAT rig for you *which isn't default biped* and it works just fine.

    Dummies should always be converted to bones.

    What software are you exporting from?
    Would you mind sharing your FBX so I can take a look?
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